Saporem, Chueca: on Instagram straight flexin’

Welcome to the first in a series of slapdash, shambling, slipshod restaurant and bar reviews I’ve decided to include in my blog. We’ll start with the most recent meal I went out for, on Sunday evening. Chueca is a great area to go eating and bevving (if you can avoid just going to La Lateral all the flipping time like I do… the reservations man knows my name), and I’d just read about Saporem on this blog, so was good to go.

En-route there was the stop-off point, of course, of a pre-dinner cocktail in one of my Chueca favourites, Harveys:


That’s me trying to channel Mad Men vibes and looking a bit more Kimmy Schmidt, but never mind.

Saporem is a very cool-looking place, with the outside dining area enclosed by tall apartment blocks and ethereal lights in red buckets hovering above you. It was quiet and chilled out on a Sunday evening. It is a highly Instagrammable place; there were a lot of diners peering at their screens making that life-changing decision between X-Pro II and Lo-Fi.


The waiter won major points for not giving us English menus, like some places try to do until I get grumpy with them (for, y’know, trying to be helpful and everything, for Chrissake).

We picked a Rioja after I attempted some crap chat in Spanish, and devoured the little tapa the waiter had brought to keep us going, whilst I discreetly Wordreferenced under the table.


We decided to share the croquettes for a starter – prawn, celery and pumpkin. They weren’t quite enough to make me forsake the blessed ham, but they were a good change. (Just a brief segway on the subject of holy croquettes – Ruairidh says that he’s ok with me purchasing religious tat for the flat as long as each Virgin Mary/baby Jesus statuette is accompanied by a bottle of wine with a religious motif on it. I love this sort of challenge, really everybody wins!)


For our main courses, we both ordered pizzas. Mine was buffalo mozzarella, sundried tomato, ham and black olives, il clasico. It comes on a crispy, Ryvita-ish base which is pretty different to a regular or sourdough base.


When looking around to have a food-creep, however, we decided that the burger somebody had ordered looked amazeballs, so that might be a reason to return. The cocktails also looked fab, and I would have tried one or two, if I wasn’t half a bottle of Rioja down.

My only complaint was that when the bill came, they charged us for bread which we hadn’t ordered and didn’t eat (pizza and croquetas, no I didn’t need any bread, have some sense), but I couldn’t be ersed scrapping about it.

So bar #BreadGate2016, had a really good time here and would file it under ‘Chilled Sunday Evening’, ‘Places to Take Your Mum’, and ‘Nicer Than 100 Montaditos’. (Oh, I will definitely write a full post about 100 Montaditos.) It had a relaxed atmosphere and a creative menu, and I would return – either to this one, or to its other branch in Las Letras.

Here is the menu, if you’re feeling voyeuristic.


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