Meat, Chueca

Oooh, Madrid loves a suggestive bar and restaurant name (I’m looking at you, Bar Cock and Maderfaker). Chueca joins in the sauciness with burger bar Meat (there’s another one in Chamberí, too). Looking like the equivalent to Wannaburger (RIP Edinburgh Queensferry Street), I suggested it to Ruairidh and Markus for another weekday evening repast.

The decor is wood and metal: industrial warehouse/diner-style with speakeasy vibes, a ginormous bar running down the side, and lights over the tables made to look like extractor fans. Whilst we waited for a table we had drinks at the bar, accompanied by a bowl of ubiquitous, yet no less enjoyable mixed nuts.

No regrets

You have two choices: a cheeseburger, and a special burger. The special that night had red onions, chipotle mayo and cheese. You don’t have to read between the lines to see that you’d not want to come here as a vegetarian/vegan/anybody who doesn’t like a big old burger. Then you’re left with the toss-up between fries or onion rings as your side (although you could of course have both, if you hadn’t had a Catholic childhood like I have).


They obviously hadn’t had a chance to read my review of Mastropiero yet, because the waitress asked whether we’d like cutlery, and was all “hmmmmm OK” when I said that I did. Food-wide, the eponymous meat in the burgers is the highlight – super delicious and juicy. And it’d all be super messy without the cutlery, I’m telling you. The fries come in paper bags and are crispy and salty, and all that is right.


The cocktail menu looked fabulous and quite inventive, so I would probably try one of those next time (even despite being pretty close to the wonderful 1862 Dry Bar in Malasaña, a place absolutely deserving of a review soon).

We had an impromptu poll at the end (Ruairidh: “gun to your head: here or Home Burger?” Me: “why would I be thinking about burgers if I had a gun to my head, that’s stupid”, etc. etc.) and Home Burger did come out on top. But the two places really are very different. Home Burger could be for dates, families, or small groups, whereas at Meat you and all of your pals could lean all over the tables and gaze into the trendy exposed kitchen with its enormous extractor fans and grills, with your burger in one hand and a beer in the other. And it is cheaper. But – lest we forget – cutlery at Home Burger is, well, there.

Address: Calle Santa Teresa, 4 (Metro: Alonso Martínez)

Trendy yet unhelpful website:


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